Globalization brought more competitiveness and difficulties to manage large amounts of information regarding a huge quantity of products, suppliers, customers, different cultures and client expectations.

Because of this, manufacturers can no longer rely on low prices. To keep them competitive it is now essential that they achieve high quality standards and on-time delivery.


The rules, to acquire, satisfy and retain customers, rests on a field never before experienced. How you manage the Customers Relations will define how profitable your business can be and how you will keep it.

All the links in the supply chain must be managed successfully so you can beat the pressures.


Determine cost and Profitability drivers

Manufacturers must identify their profitable customers, products and sales channels. They need to know the costs of their processes and activities.

Therefore, meeting the different market’s needs, offering the right products at the optimal price depends of taking the right decisions about area production allocations, which services to offer, marketing, sales plans, etc. To do this requires accurate information.

K-Enabler can provide solutions to face the causes of cost and profitability problems. We provide a quality service enabling decision makers to investigate problems and develop corrective actions. If your target is to reduce costs, streamline processes or formulate marketing programs to acquire, retain and grow the more profitable types of customers, we can help you to achieve it.


With K-Enabler, you can:

  • Understand the underlying profitability of each product, channel, customer;
  • Understand the true costs and cost drivers that affect profitability;
  • Manage profitability, setting budgets and targets based directly to the individual product, customer and channel levels;
  • Customer and product marketing strategies by optimizing customer segments;
  • Developing models to determine the right channel and market to advance the profitability of each customer;
  • Improve processes to reduce costs and increase quality;
  • Acquire and share tactical intelligence for sales, marketing and operational decisions.




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