The uncertain future brings anxiety and care when a decision has to be taken. The regulatory pressure, the rising expenses claims and, of course, the operational costs that the company has to face, will make the life of the decision makers hard and sometimes frustrating.

The easy or the hard way of taking decisions is, most of the time, increased by the availability of accurate information and right way to explore it and bring up to the “light”.

Our solutions are built on a flexible business analytics framework and insurance-specific data model.


Financial Services and Insurance

Because of our specification, we can speed up both implementation and results, giving you a fast track to significant ROI.


With us, you can be prepared for:

·     Responding to changing demographics and consumer demands;

·     Customer Profitability;

·     Customer Retention;

·     Cross-Selling and Up-Selling;

·     Marketing Campaign Optimization.



In these days consumers are being overloaded with offers. Sometimes they face so many offers that they need a few days to digest it. The fast technologic development and the growth of mobile devices and applications, new rate plans and Internet and broadband ubiquity, turns the market full of information.

To optimize a strategy and increase revenue per user, telecommunications companies must have to avoid the complexity of the market. Our solutions facilitate the identification of targets by integrating the customer view, creating more targeted customer segments, analyzing behaviors and costs and optimize their offer strategy.

K-enabler can help your company increase average revenue per user ARPU most effectively and profitably by giving you the ability to:


·    Gain a holistic view of the customer, integrating data across the enterprise and from third-party sources and removing duplicate customer records.


·   Create more targeted and granular customer models for cross-selling and up-selling based on customer insights, degree of social influence, predicted behaviour and profitability.


·   Implement campaigns that maximize ARPU by strategically managing multichannel, multi-offer campaigns and optimizing the mix of offers, customers and channels given various constraints.


Friday the 8th. Analytics and Optimisation
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